Risalit — C.W. Eckersberg studio September 1841

The "father of Danish painter" C.W. Eckersberg lived in Charlottenborg Palace at Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen. One of the rooms was his studio where he would paint with his students. This is a room in the avant-corps (Danish: risalit) facing square Kongens Nytorv.

One of Eckersberg's paintings that is painted in Charlottenborg is his famous A Nude Woman Doing Her Hair Before a Mirror. This is from 1841, where a woman with the unusual name "Florentine" was modeling for several weeks during July, August and September. Along with Eckersberg several students painted Florentine and two of these student paintings are known: One by L.A. Smith and one by Sally Henriques.

The exists a few drawings which shows painters and models in the studio along with a large part of the interior with windows and doors. A floorplan is also available.

Attempt on recreation of the September 1841 sessions

Risalit is an attempt to recreate the studio with the art model and the paintings as it could have appeared in September 1841.


The 3D model is made in A-Frame 3D markup language.

To display the scene in a Smartphone with cardboard VR, press the icon in the lower right corner (This is the standard A-Frame facility).